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My name is Kristin Taylor

 I am a stop-motion animator, and the creator of HI BIG DOG Media.


Born and raised in North Carolina, I made a quick stop in the heartland to earn my Bachelors degree from the University of Missouri. It was here that I met and adopted my angel dog, Cooper, who is the inspiration behind this media group.


I love working with my hands, and am constantly experimenting with new mediums. I have 7+ years experience with chalk, acrylic paint, and all things arts and crafts. My specialties include chalkboards (restaurant menus, wedding signs, etc), custom face-in-hole boards (birthdays, baby showers, company parties) and calligraphy projects.

Stop-motion animation has been my primary focus for the past three years. What started as a fun side-project quickly progressed into a passion. I have since trained under prestigious animators through UCLA's summer program, and am fluent in Dragonframe, Final Cut Pro, and Premiere. I specialize in 2D animation, with paper being my primary medium. If you have an exciting project idea that spans a minute or less, I can transform it into a professional, hand-crafted stop-motion animation.

Inspired by all things, but especially hip-hop, holidays, dogs, girls, pop culture, and folktales.

Want to collaborate or commission a piece? 

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